Firefly Forest: MORIKU (Unreal Engine)

Production Time (Visuals & Audio): 1 day. I made this promo movie for a Japanese mindfulness app a few months ago. I also composed the music.

It was mainly created to test the viability of doing promo movies in Unreal Engine while also figuring out an efficient visual/audio workflow. It's one of the first movies I made in UE4 so there's a lot of things I wouldn't do again, but overall I'm happy with the emotion it conveys!

Firefly Forest: MORIKU (4K UHD)

Concept grenade moriku

My favorite shot of the movie.

Concept grenade moon

The "moon" coming out effect was achieved by just shifting the position of a particle effect.

Concept grenade post

I made a small mistake in the placement of the post but otherwise I like everything that's going on in this shot, especially the movement of the grass/leaves.